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Pepper Brew original gift set contains:

Garlic Pepper Sauce which is an infusion of garlic, blended with choice herbs, olive oil, habanero peppers & scotch bonnet peppers renowned for their distinct aromas, flavor and heat. Garlic Pepper Sauce is a sauce for the avid garlic lover, without the usual overwhelming odor. Garlic Pepper Sauce is great in dips, such as guacamole; is fantastic with cheeses, in spreads, as a salad dressing, as a marinade,in stir-fries, in sandwiches or as a condimentwith any meal.

Sweet Pepper Sauce is truly a delicious pepper sauce, a crowd favoritethat leaves you longing for more, in spite of the heat. Sweet Pepper Sauce is a crafted blend of fine herbs such as fresh cilantro, ginger and other spices blended with fruit, olive oil and habanero peppers & scotch bonnet peppers, the celebrities of the recipe. Slightly sweet, packed with a lot of flavor and a lot of heat; this sauce is a treat in barbeques, as a glaze over meat or fish, in dips such as salsas, on any sandwichor as acondiment with any meal.

Pepper Medley is a premium all-natural pepper sauce which balance varying degrees of spicy heat with flavor. Great as a dipping sauce; try as a spicy alternative to the regular sweet & sour sauce. Use in pasta salads or potato salads, as a glaze over poultry, as a marinade, on hotdogs and hamburgers, in sandwiches or as a condiment with any meal.

After you have tried them all the hard part is trying to decided which is the one you love and want to order.

1 review for Original gift set

  1. 5 out of 5

    After trying these sauces I found the hardest part was trying to decide which one of these I wanted in the large bottles!

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